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Massey serves at Daily Bread

Tony servingToday, Tony and Jann Massey toured our downtown Orlando campus to learn about the Center and to serve at Daily Bread.

Tony, President of Massey Services, is this year’s Heart of Florida United Way’s Campaign Chairman.


MasseyEach year, outstanding community leaders from various professions help guide and direct United Way’s annual fundraising campaign.

Thank you, Tony and Jann, for your service.

IOA Corporate 5K Canned Food Drive

IOA corp logoRun with a purpose tonight at the IOA Corporate 5K. Team Christian Service Center will be ready to walk, run and gather your pantry food items. Drop off your donations at our two locations: our truck will be parked on Rosalind Avenue in the red zone, or at our tent in the blue zone at the corner of Robinson Street and Eola Drive.

Thank you for your support!

Rainbow Fruit & Nut makes donation! Yum!

Rainbow nuts_edited-1Thank you to Tom Criscuolo of the Rainbow Fruit & Nut Company for donating cases and cases of yummy chips, popcorn, Wheat Thins, Fig Newton bars and beef jerky. These donations will be a welcome treat to those persons in our Daily Bread program. Tom has been a long-term support of our programs and we appreciate his support.

Rosemont Elementary Love Pantry serves family

Rosemont Elementary logoBelow is a blurb from one of our parents receiving food from the Love Pantry before the holidays:

We are so thankful for the food provided to us. It was a great help as we began the new school year and settled into living in Orlando from Minnesota. While I have a steady job now and we no longer need the help, I cannot be anything but thankful for everyone who helped us during the transition. It was a challenging situation moving here and I am so grateful for the help when we needed it most.
Thank you!

Emily Sitz

Parent Resource / Partners in Education Coordinator, Rosemont Elementary

US Installation 7 year tradition

US Installation Group2For the seventh year in a row, US Installation Group General Manager Dominick Sparaco delivered a truck bed full of food to the Christian Service Center. “We challenge our flooring installers, as well as our office staff, to give more and more food each year,” Dominick said.  “Every year we top the previous year’s amount, and I’m happy to report that this year we’re giving away over 1,000 pounds of food.” Thank you, US Installation!

Lane Construction donates food for the holidays

Lane ConstructionLane Construction employees donated 90 Blue Bags filled with holiday meal provisions and 15 gift cards that can be used to purchase meats or dairy products.  Our Family & Emergency Services case workers will distribute them to neighbors in need as part of our holiday season ministry!  This is especially important for families whose children would regularly receive free school lunches, but would do without during the holidays. Shown here are Lane Construction employees Leticia Ortiz and Carol Felix unloading the truck load full of food.  Our food pantries are always in need of non-perishable food items for distribution to the needy, but there is a great need during the holidays. Thank you, Lane Construction, for your support!

Today my son will eat.

"Today my son will eat. Thank you!"

“Today my son will eat. Thank you!”

“My husband and I have no sort of support system and nobody to ask for help, so I am truly grateful for your help this afternoon”, said Kimberly. “I just wanted to tell you what it means to me to get help with food this afternoon. But, I don’t want to start crying all over the place. I am 41 years old, I have never been in this position before and was worried to death on how I was going to feed my son this week. We try to eat very healthy and I cook a 3 course meal every night.  To look into the refrigerator and see only lettuce and oranges… I was panicking. I have always been an extremely hard worker, have worked since I was 12 and most of my life I have had 2 jobs. My son means the WORLD to me and if I could not feed him, I would go beg on the streets if I had to. So really, words cannot describe how delighted I am and RELIEVED that your organization was kind enough to help me feed him this week. I am very grateful and humbled. I would like to thank you and your staff for helping my family in a time of need. Words cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Today my son will eat. Thank you!”

Kimberly and her family received Blue Bags filled with essential grocery items. Please help us feed more families just like Kimberly’s.

Helping Hand – UCF Cornerstone

Helping Hand is a group of college students from UCF’s College of Business who participated in a service project for the Christian Service Center as part of their Cornerstone class. The Cornerstone class is designed to give students practical application of business principles while doing good for the community. The students must work together to plan and execute a service project in a relative short amount of time. They learn communication and team work as the secret to success. The Helping Hand group raised almost $1,000 in program operational support funds, solicited silent auction items for our annual FEED THE NEED Fundraiser, served at our Daily Bread soup kitchen, and donated items to our thrift store. The Helping Hand group lived up to their name of Helping Hand. Thank you!

Following this link to see a short Youtube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LYJUewqMb8

3rd grader fights hunger

Olivia's canned food drive fights childhood hunger.

Olivia’s canned food drive fights childhood hunger.

Olivia Casola, an elementary school student at Cornerstone Charter Academy, knew that there were hungry children in America. While doing a research paper, she also learned there were hungry children right in her school, and she knew she had to do something about it. So, she started a canned food drive to help the Love Pantry at her school. The first box she sat out was stolen, but that didn’t dissuade her. She put out another one with a posting saying “Don’t throw this box away.” It worked! She collected over 100 food and hygiene items donated today at the Center. Thanks, Olivia, for your support! Blessings to you for a great summer.

IOA Corporate 5K

Click on the picture of Team Christian Service Center for a short YouTube video.

Click on the picture of Team Christian Service Center for a short YouTube video.

Participants in the 2013 IOA Corporate 5k donated over 8,835 canned food items as part of the “Run with a Purpose.” The donated food goes to struggling families right here in Central Florida through the Christian Service Center’s Family & Emergency Services program. Members from Team Christian Service Center also ran/ walked in the event. Thank you, Track Shack, for a wonderful event.